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Dell Infrastructure

Explore Dell's servers, designed to deliver exceptional value and performance, alongside a variety of options to support your evolving IT requirements.

About Dell

Dell Technologies stands as a prominent technology firm that provides a comprehensive array of hardware, software, and services. These offerings are designed to help organizations modernize their IT infrastructure, streamline operations, and harness the potential of emerging technologies. As a significant player in the enterprise technology arena, Dell Technologies serves a diverse spectrum of industries. Their solutions are adaptable to the needs of small businesses, mid-sized organizations, and large enterprises. Additionally, Dell's products and solutions can be finely tailored to precisely align with your specific business requirements, with the help of our back-to-back ordering service.

Explore Dell’s Comprehensive Product Portfolio

  • Dell Servers: Dell Technologies offers a versatile selection of data center server hardware, including rack servers, tower servers, and modular servers, designed to cater to diverse computing needs.
  • Networking: Dell Technologies provides networking equipment such as switches, routers, and related solutions, assisting organizations in constructing and overseeing their network infrastructure.
  • Storage Solutions: The company offers a spectrum of storage solutions, spanning from conventional storage arrays to software-defined storage and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) products.
  • Data Protection and Backup: Dell Technologies extends data protection solutions, covering backup and recovery systems, data replication, and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: This solution seamlessly blends computing, storage, networking, and virtualization technologies into unified systems, simplifying data center operations for improved efficiency.
  • Software and Services: Get software solutions for data, analytics, security, and IT, backed by consulting, professional services, and support to ensure efficient technology deployment and management.
  • What Sets Redington Online’s
    Back-to-Back Ordering Apart?

  • Convenience: Streamlines the order process, eliminating manual communication and reducing order processing time from days to minutes, with 24/7 accessibility and dedicated support.
  • Transparency: Empowers you with complete insight into the progress of their historical and ongoing orders, accessible via a unified dashboard.
  • Consistency: Ensures a standardized and uncomplicated order-locking procedure, whether it involves a single SKU from one brand or a multitude from multiple brands.

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