Over the years, Redington has been instrumental in nurturing and shaping the Indian technology distribution business at various stages of its development. We have evolved from being a mass distributor of IT products to one of the nation's leading value-added distributors. Today, in addition to distributing consumer computing devices, we also offer customized solutions from the world's leading technology providers through our VAR and SI partners to help organizations solve their business challenges and deliver outcomes that lead to enhancement of productivity and better experience for their individual customers.


Today, in a digital-first world, businesses are beginning to automate and modernize their operations with increasingly sophisticated IT systems. Redington works with the world's leading technology innovators to bring these technology solutions to businesses across India. Our team of certified experts works with system integrators and value-added resellers nationwide.


From a basic switching or routing to software-defined networking, Redington has solutions to meet any kind of requirements from organizations of all sizes.

Enterprise Server & Storage

Redington has in-house certified experts who help channel partners build the optimal data strategy to meet the requirements of our Partners’ end customers effectively and efficiently.


Redington excels in providing enterprise security solutions. We are the one-stop solution for channel partners who look for security solutions for their customers.


We have a wide range of software solutions spanning across business productivity software’s to the software that are used for any specific business verticals.

Licensing & Subscription

We provide necessary resources and support required by organizations to expand their licensing and subscription business.

Few brands we operate with


A pioneer and leader in IT product distribution, Redington is a leading provider of supply chain solutions for global branded IT hardware and peripherals. The IT product distribution ecosystem has played a key role in making technology easily accessible to all segments of the Indian consumer market. Redington started its business in 1993 with three branches and 25 dealers, and today we reach distributors through 81 points of sale and over 200 warehouses


We are a leading distributor of consumer and commercial PCs, desktops, laptops and MacBooks

Tablets & Phablets

We are a major distributor of Apple, Acer, HP, Lenovo, and more.

Printers & Consumables

We have extensive experience in selling Deskjets, Laserjets and related consumables and accessories.

Few brands we operate with


Enabling fast and effective distribution of product categories such as smartphones and wearables, The Telecom Distribution is a specialized division of Redington Limited, providing omni-channel distribution of smartphones and wearables in all major cities and major markets of India. I am in charge. Redington Limited understands the dynamic nature of this segment and has developed the infrastructure and expertise to meet the needs of the smartphone industry.


Wide range of smartphones including premium brands such as iPhone and Google Pixel.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Wearables

Smart choice of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)-powered wearables from a range of renowned brands.

Few brands we operate with

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