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Palo Alto Cybersecurity Solutions

Safeguarding the digital way of life by providing innovative cybersecurity solutions that enable secure digital transformation.

About Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks is a prominent cybersecurity company that specializes in providing advanced security solutions to organizations of all sizes. The company's innovative approach to cybersecurity aims to prevent and mitigate a wide range of cyber threats and attacks through its comprehensive suite of products and services. Its next-generation approach focuses on preventing threats, securing applications, and providing actionable insights to protect organizations from a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape. Now Palo Alto’s products and solutions can be meticulously customized to align precisely with your unique business needs through our back-to-back ordering service.

Explore Tyco’s Comprehensive Product Portfolio

  • Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW): Palo Alto Networks excels in advanced NGFW solutions, providing heightened visibility and control over network elements, enabling precise security policies, and blocking unauthorized access.
  • Application Visibility and Control: Palo Alto Networks NGFW offers deep application visibility and control, allowing organizations to manage and prioritize applications effectively while mitigating risks.
  • Threat Prevention: The company's threat prevention targets various cyber threats like malware, viruses, and advanced persistent threats, proactively preventing breaches and data loss.
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Palo Alto Networks' IPS swiftly detects and prevents network intrusions and exploits by monitoring traffic for suspicious patterns, bolstering defense against known and emerging threats.
  • URL Filtering: URL filtering helps organizations manage internet usage by categorizing and blocking harmful websites, preventing accidental access to detrimental content.
  • WildFire: Palo Alto Networks' WildFire service analyzes files to identify new malware, helping organizations stay ahead of evolving threats and prevent zero-day attacks.
  • Cloud Security: Palo Alto Networks offers cloud security solutions for consistent security policies across on-premises and cloud environments, securing cloud platforms.
  • Endpoint Protection: Palo Alto Networks' endpoint protection secures laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, preventing malware infections and other threats.
  • Threat Intelligence: The company's threat intelligence services provide real-time insights into emerging threats and attack trends, aiding organizations in adapting security strategies to address evolving risks.
  • Education and Training: Palo Alto Networks emphasizes cybersecurity education and training, offering certification programs and resources to empower individuals in effectively securing their environments.
  • What Sets Redington Online’s
    Back-to-Back Ordering Apart?

  • Convenience: Streamlines the order process, eliminating manual communication and reducing order processing time from days to minutes, with 24/7 accessibility and dedicated support.
  • Transparency: Empowers you with complete insight into the progress of their historical and ongoing orders, accessible via a unified dashboard.
  • Consistency: Ensures a standardized and uncomplicated order-locking procedure, whether it involves a single SKU from one brand or a multitude from multiple brands.

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