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HPE Server Storage

Get access to a versatile range of server storage options, designed to enhance data-intensive applications with exceptional speed, reliability, and security.

About HPE

HPE's server and storage solutions are thoughtfully designed to address the evolving needs of modern IT environments, including seamless integration with cloud services, virtualization, data analytics, and more. These solutions are meticulously engineered to provide enterprises with the necessary tools to efficiently manage data, applications, and workloads while simultaneously improving performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, all HPE server and storage solutions can be tailored to align precisely with your specific business needs with our back-to-back ordering service.

Product Portfolio

  • ProLiant Servers: HPE ProLiant servers offer versatile computing solutions in various form factors, catering to a wide range of applications from general-purpose to high-performance computing and virtualization.
  • Synergy: HPE Synergy is a revolutionary composable infrastructure platform that dynamically orchestrates computing, storage, and networking resources to meet the specific demands of diverse workloads.
  • Superdome Flex: HPE Superdome Flex is the ultimate mission-critical server platform, engineered for exceptional scalability, availability, and performance, making it ideal for the most demanding workloads.
  • Nimble Storage: HPE Nimble Storage offers hybrid and all-flash arrays that provide high performance and efficient data management.
  • 3PAR StoreServ: HPE 3PAR StoreServ provides scalable and versatile storage arrays that can handle demanding workloads with features like tiering, data deduplication, and data encryption.
  • Primera: HPE Primera is designed for mission-critical applications, offering high availability, resiliency, and performance. It's suitable for workloads that require constant uptime and reliability.
  • StoreOnce: HPE StoreOnce is a backup and recovery solution that offers deduplication and data protection capabilities. It helps organizations efficiently manage their data backup and restore processes.
  • XP Storage: HPE XP storage systems are enterprise-class storage solutions designed for high availability and performance. They're often used for large-scale and critical applications.
  • File and Object Storage: HPE offers solutions for managing file and object data, providing scalable and cost-effective storage for unstructured data.
  • What Sets Redington Online’s
    Back-to-Back Ordering Apart?

  • Convenience: Streamlines the order process, eliminating manual communication and reducing order processing time from days to minutes, with 24/7 accessibility and dedicated support.
  • Transparency: Empowers you with complete insight into the progress of their historical and ongoing orders, accessible via a unified dashboard.
  • Consistency: Ensures a standardized and uncomplicated order-locking procedure, whether it involves a single SKU from one brand or a multitude from multiple brands.

  • WARNING: Beware of fake Redington Trade App and fraudulent activities on Telegram and YouTube. Redington is not responsible for any deposits or withdrawals made in response to these fake offers.
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