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Sophos Firewall

Discover robust security solutions with versatile connectivity options, high-performance Xstream architecture, and purpose-built performance.

About Sophos

Sophos is a network security company that offers a range of products and solutions for network security, web security, email security, and other related areas. Sophos takes security to the next level, offering a powerful, modular line of hardware appliance models and cloud, virtual, and software deployment options to fit any network. It offers the extreme versatility and features you need and is flexible enough to suit the needs of your business at the scale you need. Furthermore, you can now conveniently order customized Sophos products and solutions through Redington Online’s back-to-back ordering service, ensuring a tailored approach to your security needs.

Explore Sophos Comprehensive Product Portfolio

  • Unified Threat Management (UTM): Sophos UTM appliances are designed to provide robust security for small and medium-sized businesses, with easy management and protection against various cyber threats.
  • Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW): Sophos NGFW solutions incorporate advanced features like application control, user policies, deep packet inspection, and intrusion prevention. They help in improving network traffic visibility and application control.
  • Web Security: Sophos web security solutions enable organizations to control internet access and block malicious or inappropriate websites through web filtering, content inspection, and URL categorization.
  • Email Security: Sophos email security solutions safeguard email communications from spam, phishing, malware, and data loss threats, utilizing anti-spam, anti-virus, and encryption features.
  • Endpoint Security: Sophos endpoint security solutions safeguard individual devices like laptops, desktops, and mobile devices from diverse threats.
  • What Sets Redington Online’s
    Back-to-Back Ordering Apart?

  • Convenience: Streamlines the order process, eliminating manual communication and reducing order processing time from days to minutes, with 24/7 accessibility and dedicated support.
  • Transparency: Empowers you with complete insight into the progress of their historical and ongoing orders, accessible via a unified dashboard.
  • Consistency: Ensures a standardized and uncomplicated order-locking procedure, whether it involves a single SKU from one brand or a multitude from multiple brands.

  • WARNING: Beware of fake Redington Trade App and fraudulent activities on Telegram and YouTube. Redington is not responsible for any deposits or withdrawals made in response to these fake offers.
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