Dell T150 with Windows Essentials 2022, Intel Xeon E-2314 Processor 2.8GHz 8M Cache,4C/4T,Turbo,65W,TPM, 1 x 16GB UDIMM

MPN: DLEG000185 T150 Windows Essentials 2022
SKU: DLEG000185
Tower Server

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Expandable Memory
CPU Support
Intel Xeon E-2314 Processor 2.8GHz 8M Cache,4C/4T,Turbo,65W,TPM
Country of origin
Hard Drive
2TB Hard Drive SATA 6Gbps Enterprise 7.2K 512n 3.5in Cabled
1 x 16GB UDIMM
Upto 4, 3.5 Inch SATA Drives
Model Name
T150 with Windows Essentials 2022
Manufacturer Warranty
3YR Pro Support Next Business Day Onsite
Device Management
iDRAC Advanced
Power Supply
Single Power Supply, 300W


  • Windows Essentials 2022 Integration:
  • Enhance your business operations with the latest Windows Essentials 2022, offering advanced features and security to support your workflow.
  • Intel Xeon Powerhouse:
  • Powered by the Intel Xeon E-2314 Processor, experience 2.8GHz speed, 8M Cache, and Turbo Boost for exceptional performance in multitasking and data processing.
  • Compact and Powerful Design:
  • The Dell T150 combines a space-efficient design with robust capabilities, making it an ideal solution for various business environments.
  • Turbocharged Processing:
  • Turbo Boost technology ensures that your applications run smoothly, providing the speed and efficiency your business demands.
  • Trusted Security with TPM:
  • The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) adds an extra layer of security, safeguarding your critical business data and ensuring secure operations.
  • Ample Memory Configuration:
  • Equipped with 1 x 16GB UDIMM, the Dell T150 provides ample memory to handle data-intensive tasks, supporting your business needs effectively.
  • Bulk Buying Advantage:
  • Maximize your business efficiency by sourcing the Dell T150 with Windows Essentials 2022 in bulk from Redington Online, ensuring competitive pricing.
  • 24/7 Ordering Convenience:
  • Redington Online offers a seamless 24/7 ordering experience, allowing you to manage your inventory efficiently and on your terms.

    Q: Can I negotiate the price when buying the Dell T150 with Windows Essentials 2022 in bulk?
    A: Absolutely! Redington Online allows instant negotiation on prices, ensuring you get the best deals for your business.
    Q: Is there 24/7 customer support available for inquiries related to bulk orders of the Dell T150?
    A: Yes, Redington Online offers round-the-clock customer support to address your inquiries and ensure a smooth purchasing experience.
    Q: Does Redington Online provide quick delivery for bulk purchases of the Dell T150 with Windows Essentials 2022?
    A: Yes, Redington Online ensures quick and reliable delivery for bulk orders, meeting the demands of your business.
    Q: Are there flexible credit options available for bulk orders of the Dell T150 on Redington Online?
    A: Redington Online provides flexible credit options, helping you manage your cash flow effectively for bulk purchases.
    Q: Can I place bulk orders for the Dell T150 with Windows Essentials 2022 on Redington Online 24/7?
    A: Absolutely! Redington Online offers 24/7 ordering, providing you the flexibility to manage your inventory effectively.

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